History of St. Anthony de Padua Parish

Humble Beginnings

St. Anthony de Padua Parish was established by the faith of the Shrine Workers of St. Anthony. Located in Cementville, the missionary church was named in honor of the patron of San Antonio.

In 1925, Fr. Peter Baque wanted to form a congregation committed to serving the community. A small chapel was built in 1927 by the pecan shellers, Cementville workers, and others.

 During the next decade, the congregation grew in number and spirituality. Pilgrims came to worship at the site, a school was opened, and the Missionary Servants of St. Anthony were founded to teach and serve the community. Within the depths of the congregation one charism remained paramount: to help all people in need in the area.

 Fr. Baque wanted to eventually build a large shrine, which would be a replica of the Alamo, San Antonio’s first church. In 1957, the current church building, resembling the Alamo, was erected. Catholics, Protestants, and Jewish communities helped raise funds for this vibrant community and their new church. St. Anthony’s became a multi-cultural community gathered from various economic classes celebrating its rich history and cultural diversity.


Growing Through Change

Today, with the membership continuing to grow rapidly, present and future needs are compelling, but the role of service is still paramount. Through worship, religious education, and social ministry, St. Anthony’s continues to meet the pastoral needs of its people. It is a place to pray, to learn, to celebrate, and to remember.

Looking to the Future

As the parish moves forward, it continues to be dedicated to the people, the buildings they erected, the creed by which they lived, and the services they performed. Fr. Baque’s instructions, “Keep up the good work, love one another, and both God and his people will be happy,” has continuously provided St. Anthony’s Parish with the vision to carry on Christ’s mission by ministering to the needs of others.

 Since 1969, the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart have served the Parish of St. Anthony de Padua.